Robin Myers in Ain't-Bad Magazine

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Robin Myers was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work has recently been exhibited at Aviary Gallery in Jamaica Plain, the Humble Arts Foundation’s Small Prints exhibition at Flash Forward Festival in Boston, Danforth Art, and Houston Center for Photography. Robin currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 1988 I was 8 years old. A few years earlier, Carl Sagan published Cosmos and a copy ended up in my family’s household. The dust jacket was long gone by the time I pulled it from its place on the shelf, leaving behind a dust outline from its undisturbed time there. The seemingly giant black book sat heavy on my tiny pale legs day after day as I looked and attempted to make sense of the endless information. My world seemed to simultaneously expand and shrink. This was the catalyst for my relentless investigations of the unknown and fueled a need to make connections between our scientific understanding of the world and the human experience of it. The Macrocosm can be terrifying, if not downright panic-inducing. The whole vast ocean, though beautiful, is far too much to hold. When the focus is taken down a notch to delve into the tiny fragments that make up this world, when everyday drums are scaled down to the beat of dust collecting on glass, connections begin to open up. This work combines my interest in the aesthetics of space exploration with phenomena of the visible world, while exploring the limits of perception.

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