WILD AND WOOLLY is a 1917 silent film which tells the story of one man's personal odyssey from sophisticated Easterner to Western tough guy. 

Douglas Fairbanks plays the son of a wealthy railroad tycoon, Jeff Hillington, who dreams of becoming a gun-toting lawman. His upscale Manhattan apartment has been transformed into a Western campsite, complete with a teepee and cook-fire. His father sends him west to investigate a business deal in Bitter Creek, Arizona.  Jeff arrives and finds the rugged frontier of his dreams, complete with shootouts, town dances, and hard-drinking cowpokes. But all of this is a show, staged by the locals to make him look favorably on a railroad spur. In another twist, a crooked Indian agent uses the charade to rob the bank and stir up an Indian settlement. Now Doug's obsessions prove really useful, as his cowboy skills rescue the town.